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Interview with Craig Ferguson

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With many thanks to Kevin we now have a copy of Rose Byrne’s August 5th interview with Craig Ferguson for downloading in the media section!

Interview with Craig Furguson August 5 2009.

Live webcam chat with Rose Byrne! Adam is number 1 in box office!

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This Friday we’re chatting with two Emmy nominees live via webcam and you’re invited to participate, sharing your questions and comments with them.

2 p.m. PDT, 5 p.m. EDT — Rose Byrne, “Damages,” nominee for best supporting actress in a drama series

Join us here at the chat room at the appointed time and you’ll see these stars appear via webcam reading and responding to what we write in the chat box area. Chats will last about 20 minutes.

Edit: A twitter account is not necessary to participate in the chat! Just add your name to the session and you’ll be able to join in. However for those of you who do have Twitter accounts you are more than welcome to use it though it will involve signing in =) Thanks RT!

Thank you to Roberta for the heads up!

Also it has been brought to our attention that according to Adam had the highest per-screen average of any movie released for the week of July 31- Aug. 6!

Thank you Sunny for the clarification *blushes*

Thank you to RT for the tip!

Rose Byrne: Mortician, lawyer and single mom, all in one!

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Get to Knowing Rose Byrne

“I don’t know, I guess you get cast in one thing, and then it’s pretty straightforward,” says Byrne, discussing her recent streak of gloom-and-doom projects. “They see you and go, ‘Wow, she can do that, let’s get her to do this,’ and then it’s just up to you as a performer, your agents and your ambitions to be seen in other lights. I’ve really enjoyed the darker stuff like working with Danny Boyle on SUNSHINE and 28 WEEKS LATER, or with Wolfgang Petersen on TROY. I’ve been lucky. But, yeah, I do tend to get these ‘end of the world’ kind of things—I’m the girl to come to.”

Full interview can be found here.

Rose Byrne: Mortician, lawyer and single mom, all in one

It’s been a long day of Toronto press interviews for Knowing – Byrne’s new movie with Nicolas Cage, which opened yesterday – and it comes hard on the heels of four days of the same in New York.

It’s quite a leap in casting for the 29-year-old Byrne, best known as lawyer Ellen Parsons on TV’s Damages, starring Glenn Close.

On the big screen, Byrne has gone from a sexy and scheming mortician in Just Buried to single mom of a 10-year-old in the sci-fi thriller Knowing.

“Really different,” Byrne says of the characters, her native Australian accent jarring a bit, coming from an actor who does American accents so flawlessly on film and TV. “That role in Just Buried was so fun. She was such a card – that was bent – but very different to Knowing in every sense of the word.”

Rest of the interview can be found here.

No-nonsense Rose Byrne in mystical ‘Knowing’

Australian actress Rose Byrne, 29, has the unusual distinction of being in two recent movies that involve a common enemy – the sun – threatening life on Earth. First, she appeared in “Sunshine,” “Slumdog Millionaire” director Danny Boyle’s 2007 sci-fi thriller, and now she stars alongside Nicolas Cage in Alex Proyas’ “Knowing,” an apocalyptic tale involving a string of numbers, a pair of single parents and the newest and hottest global menace, solar flares.

“I know,” Byrne says, chuckling over the phone from New York, where she’s lived for the past two years, “Maybe it’s because I’m a Leo?”

Leo is a “fiery” sign, she notes.

Rest of interview can be found here.

A huge thank you to Bill for the heads up on these wonderful interviews! :mrgreen:


Of comics and magazines…

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Thanks to Lorna and Cariel we have two new articles and some photos of Rose up in the gallery, even a comic! So be sure to check them out!


BBC Podcast screencaps up!

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Thanks to Cariel there are new screencaps from Rose’s latest BBC podcast interview for Damages. For those who’d like to watch and listen to the interview be sure to check it out here.

New photos and screencaps to be added to the gallery soon so be sure to check back often!


Australian’s in film ‘Knowing’ screening photos

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Cariel has uploaded photos of Australian’s in film ‘Knowing’ sceening. A big thank you to Eylul for the images!