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It can sometimes be tempting for us to think that famous celebrities have always been famous and well-connected. That somehow we have always known their names and some of their greatest works or hits, but the truth is many celebrities, especially ones who are just beginning to break through, worked very hard and had teams of individuals helping them achieve that level of notoriety. It may seem strange, but there was a time when the average person had never heard of Nicole Kidman or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the modern era, instead of teams of agents, posters, or small films as a means to begin to get noticed, many celebrities are turning to online advertisements to start advertising themselves. Even established stars often will utilize online advertisement as a means to promote particular materials, music, or movies that they are featuring or supporting. This digital marketing agency to the stars is an important element in keeping their product before the eyes of potential clients and customers.

So why do celebrities utilise online advertisement? As stated earlier, celebrities who are still trying to break into the mainstream can utilize social media marketing campaigns to get their name or product before your eyes and therefore more well-known, but just as common if not more common is established stars who use online social media as a way to be able to create a buzz and promote themselves.

A celebrity’s work is never done. A celebrity who doesn’t constantly campaign to promote themselves and their wares is yesterday’s news. We often refer to them as a has-been or B list celebrity. These are the people who used to be in movies all the time or on television or on stage and have since only made appearances at smaller gatherings where they are the side and second course to more famous individuals. This is what happens to stars who failed to successfully advertise themselves.

As a celebrity they are basically the product. You buy things because you trust that if it comes from a celebrity you know that it will be something that you want and so learning how to do this online advertisement on a regular basis to keep themselves relevant, fresh, and in the Hollywood forefront is an important and even essential element of successfully advertising themselves.

Celebrity online advertising can look like a variety of different things; many celebrities nowadays use Twitter and blogs to give fans regular updates on their lives. Sometimes these types of things can be utilized to generate a buzz, goodwill, or simply to have fun with their clients. One particular star for instance utilised Twitter to incredible effect when he mentioned that he was going up into his attic one day and he didn’t text or tweet anything after that for 3 days. Needless to say, lots of his fans were concerned that he had somehow met his end in his attic. These kinds of little micro campaigns are powerful ways of being able to build camaraderie and notoriety online with a minimal amount of effort, and for celebrities notoriety is the pathway to success.

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