Celebrity Management: Live the Dream, Manage the Dream


Managing celebrities seems to be an amazing and exciting gig. Aside from getting to work with industry A-listers, there are some perks that managers and handlers get to enjoy. However, behind the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood or music scene, celebrity management requires special set of skills. Managers function as the celebrity’s publicist, contract negotiator and a good friend.

It is a dream for all celebrity managers to be able to land a prominent roster of clients — celebrities whose names have made a mark in the industry. But securing celebrity clients is not that easy. Helping them maintain their stardom is a challenging feat. More so, keeping them happy can be taxing.

Like any career, celebrity management has its ups and downs, success and failures. Edward, a handler of a couple of Hollywood A-listers, can attest to that. Let’s take a look at his journey from nada to tada!

  • As an Actor

Before landing his star-studded client list, he started as a struggling actor who barely makes ends meet. He experienced first-hand how terrifying it can be walking into the audition room for a casting call. Edward has a lot of funny, awkward and scary stories to tell from his experiences. Nevertheless, he captured the interest of some small-town producers before realising that his acting journey was bust.

  • As an All-Around Man

Moving on from his failed acting career, Edward juggled his time working different shifts as a janitor, waiter, conveyancer and part-time labourer for a car cleaning service. He got a job with ACM Group debt collection for a number of years which built up his social skills as he spent almost all day on the phone. Dealing with people who were under pressure, and being able to help them out and maybe even elicit a laugh out of them, helped develop his listening abilities and empathy – important qualities for his later destiny.

  • As a Social Media Manager

Edward began managing social media accounts of some companies before going big with politicians and famous celebs. For him, managing the social media accounts of celebrities is fun and stressful at the same time. Of course, fans who appreciate the craft of their idols will send you in high spirits when interacting with them. On the other hand, trolls and haters will really test your patience.

  • As a Manager

On a typical day, Edward collaborates with agents and promoters to make sure that his clients will get the perfect acting gig. Aside from pretty much organising these A-listers’ lives, he gives shape to their long-term career and gets involved when these megastars encounter problems.

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