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Crafting a Celebrity Kitchen


Have you ever thought how much time is actually spent in the kitchen? With that in mind, shouldn’t it be a gorgeous room in the house? Adorned with the most sumptuous materials, finishes, and fixtures.

At the top of the market, the kitchen becomes a status symbol which can cost anything from a couple of thousands of dollars; completely equipped with a range cooker, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Even showcasing the best fine cabinetry and paired with elaborate flooring designs.With a total cost of the staggering amount that is equivalent or even more expensive than an average car.This is becoming the scenarios of modern high-end kitchens.

Crafting a Celebrity Kitchen

When it comes to designing personal spaces (such as kitchens), you can check from this source to get more design inspiration ideas from your favourite celebrities. Following their social media accounts, even sourcing from the vast online links where celebrity homes are being featured.

These current trends are transforming the everyday kitchen into a high-tech and highly aesthetic space. Primarily because we want our kitchens to be functional and nothing can still beat an organised kitchen that meets your needs as well as your personal or even quirky style.

So, how do we decide or choose amongst all popular celebrity kitchen designs when building our very own dream kitchen? Or perhaps how to get the celebrity kitchen renovation look?

Here are some pointers for that celebrity-inspired kitchen style that you’ll surely love.

  • Traditional Kitchens – highlights on natural materials and articulated details, as opposed to the high-tech materials and sleek detailing commonly found in modern-style kitchens. A generic traditional kitchen will have wood or stone floors, natural or painted wood cabinets, and stone, tile, or wood countertops -or a synthetic countertop material that looks like stone.
  • Modern-style Kitchens – the trademark of a modern-style kitchen (sometimes referred to as contemporary kitchen) – is sleek detailing. Clean lines, tailored details, and luminous colour that brings forth that utmost balance and serenity. Highly achievable regardless whether materials are wood, stone, tile, or the latest high-tech, factory-made synthetic tiles.
  • Eclectic Kitchens – If you want to get technical about it, most of us have eclectic kitchens: We mix styles without being bothered by convention. Your kitchen may incorporate both wood countertops and stainless-steel backsplashes, but you consider your kitchen traditional.

The phenomenon of craving to have that celebrity inspired kitchen has largely been enthused by celebrity TV chefs who have renewed an interest in cooking from good raw materials. The rich and the famous celebrities, who like to cook are being featured on TV shows. Their own kitchen features many different sizes, styles, and designs can be well-decorated and inviting spaces.Showcasing taller cabinets, attractive kitchen worktop, the latest kitchen gadgets such as steam ovens, cappuccino machines, glass-covered plasma screen televisions and stainless steel-lined copper pans. All of these will be set in a decor of hardwearing, expensive finishes such as limestone floors and oak cabinets and granite or composite stone worktops.

The kitchen, being one of the most used rooms in the entire house should have that inviting vibe. After all, the kitchen is truly the heart of the home, this is where the party not only starts but lingers.Enjoy your kitchen and welcome friends by making it attractive as it can be.

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