Fast Bucks for Wannabe Starlets


Those who would want to make it to Hollywood are usually allured by the pizzazz, money and fame. However, before you get your own star in the Walk of Fame, you’ll probably start doing minor roles or appearances. However, these small parts, whether in movies, plays or TV series, do not bring in enough money. To make ends meet, some starlets work as escorts for high-profile clients. These celebrity escorts provide a Clayton’s high when you can’t get the real thing. There are also escorts who dress up to look like celebrities to turn on their clients while some provide the occasional one-night stand service for quick cash. More often than not, these starlets use their God-given bodies in riding and swallowing their way to the top. Here are some of Hollywood’s A-listers you never thought worked as escorts and/or strippers for fast bucks:

1. Marilyn Monroe

The archetype of a bombshell, Marilyn Monroe once posed nude for quick cash. Later on, she started “spending a lot of time” with directors and producers in order to support her daily needs. Rumour has it that Monroe has a 15-minute sex tape giving a head to a male actor.

2. Al Pacino

Before landing his memorable role in The Godfather, Al Pacino was homeless. When he was in Italy, he met an older woman who agreed to feed him and give him roof in exchange for sex. Now, the Oscar winner is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

3. Sharon Stone

Prior to making it big in Hollywood, Sharon Stone once “enjoyed” her bondage sex with Michael Douglas, a director and a producer. According to Hollywood reports, Stone had six orgasms during her tryst with the three men and was paid a whopping $10,000.

4. Michelle Pfeiffer

It is said that the Michelle Pfeiffer started as a studio call-girl. Some of her early acting gigs were casted “the old-fashioned way.”  She was also a professional girlfriend to some deep-pocketed clients while working her way to the top.

5. Tony Danza

Tony Danza rose to fame in the early ‘80s through the hit TV series Who’s the Boss?. While trying to make it to spotlight, Danza became a boy toy of Mervin Griffin. The story goes that Griffin paraded Danza around naked on some parties and gatherings. In the end, he was paid big and soon landed his first break.

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