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Australian Celebrities Who Support People with Disability


Disability is a cause for concern to a huge number of individuals all over the world. The disabled community are often looked down upon making their lives harder. There is no denying that there exists discrimination against the disabled community however the government has been keen on protecting their rights. It is good to hear that there are a number of Australian celebrities who are active in supporting such cause. Let us look at the many TV & movie stars who regularly give their time & money to those with disability.

Australian Celebrities Who Support People with Disability

Regular individuals are not the only ones affected with disabilities. In fact, mental health problems plague Australia’s entertainment industry. A new report highlights the prominence of mental health conditions, particularly suicide, among workers involved in Australia’s entertainment industry. The report reveals anxiety is a fairly common trait among entertainment workers, with indicators of moderate to severe anxiety 10 times higher than the average Australian. This is one of the many reasons why disability is a case that should never be taken for granted.

Fortunately, several celebrities have shown public support to the disabled community backing their endeavors up. A good example of this is the Australian Paralympic co-captain Kurt Fearnley says he is overwhelmed by the amount of support the team has received ahead of the 15th Paralympic Games in Rio in September of 2016. This amount of support has contributed greatly in helping give them the confidence they need to perform their best in the Paralympic Games.

It should be noted that there are also a number of celebrities who made it big regardless of their disability. For instance, Billie Ballard is also one of few women in Tasmania that is able to spin bowl a tenpin bowling ball. She represented Tasmania at the 28th National Disability Tenpin Bowling Championships in Epping, Victoria inspiring others to reach for their dreams.

Aside from the disability concerns, it is also good to hear that celebrities also support the homeless. More than 60 Australian celebrities, politicians and senior business leaders took to the streets during the first week of February as part of a national campaign aiming to shine a spotlight on homelessness and disadvantage.

In other news, Australian celebrities took a stand against refugee children in detention with a song. A who’s who of Australia’s top actors, musicians, media personalities, sport legends and business identities have come together to take a stand against refugee children being held in detention. Veteran actor Bryan Brown came up with the idea for a song after speaking with well-known friends who wanted to join the campaign to put a stop to refugee children being locked in detention facilities both on and off Australian shores.

Support has indeed been very positive with the disabled community in Australia. This in turn helps give the community the reassurance that their needs are being taken care of. There also exists a number of Australian disability services that is able to provide timely and effective relief to their problems. With that being said, there is more that needs to be done in order to shed more light to the disability cause. Spreading disability awareness to the public helps provide the people with timely and relevant information. The emergence of social media websites has helped a lot in sharing such news. Find local disability support groups you can join today.



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