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Happy Birthday, Rose!

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I’d like to wish our beloved Rose Byrne a very Happy Birthday! I hope she enjoys her day, and I wish her continued happiness and success in her life and career.

To celebrate this great day, I have added HEAPS of videos to the Media Archive, which now has a new look! Head over to the archive to check out the new layout and all the latest additions:

I have also added screen captures of a few of the videos to the Gallery. I will add captures of the rest of the videos very soon:

Home > Interviews > Jimmy Kimmel Live – 3 June 2010
Home > Interviews > The 7PM Project – 15 June 2011
Home > Interviews > The Morning Show – 20 June 2011
Home > Interviews > Tonight Show with Jay Leno – 13 July 2011

Huge thanks to Sam, Sarah, Sunny, Kevin, Daniele, and Olivia for making this update possible!

Happy Birthday, Rose!!!

Happy Birthday, Rose!

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Today, July 24th, 2010; our beloved Rose Byrne turns 31! I wish you all the best, Rose! I hoped to mark the occasion with a new look for the site, but things are taking longer than I anticipated. In the mean time, I was able to make some vector art of the birthday girl. (It’s a little rough, but I hope you enjoy it.) You can view it in the gallery.

Rose vector

Please feel free to leave your birthday wishes for Rose in this post’s comment box!


Birthday Tribute and Conan Appearance

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Dann has a wonderful birthday tribute to Rose that you can download and view in the media archive! Be sure to check it out: here!

Thanks to Kevin, you can also download and view her Tonight Show Appearance! I’ve also uploaded caps to the gallery!


The gallery has also been updated with several high quality versions of photos from various events. I wanted to replace the lower quality ones, so the gallery has more HQ. ;-)

There is also a new interview with Rose from Telegraph. Some of the content is the same, but it’s worth a read. Additionally, there is a similar interview with NY Daily News.


Happy Birthday Rose!

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New Layout
The new layout is designed by Mel with WordPress coding by Duerre. Thank you ladies for all of your hard work! If any visitors find any errors/pages that aren’t working, please let me know so I can fix them. Lots of new content, including the fashion section!

Photos of Rose from the ‘Adam’ screening in Washington, D.C. on 16 July:


Fox Searchlight has added more dates for Adam premieres. To find out when Adam opens in your area click here

Reminder: Rose is scheduled to appear on the Conan O’Brien show, Friday 24 July. If you are able to nab a copy of her appearance, be sure to send it to us! We accept pretty much any file format.

Vanity Fair August
Also remember to pick up a copy of the August Vanity Fair magazine to see the Ain’t We Got Style section with Rose as Claudette Colbert’s character in Frank Capra‚Äôs 1934 classic It Happened One Night.


Older Pics
Thanks to the prompt from Kevin, I’ve also added some birthday tribute photos.


Happy Birthday, Rose!

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Leave your birthday wishes for Rose in the comments below!

New site layout in celebration of her birthday! Denise created the new images and I coded the layout with colour tips from Jody. =) Express specific likes/dislikes about the new layout here. ^^ Rose Connection’s 4th birthday is coming up in August! So Stay Tuned for more updates soon!