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Rose Byrne’s Green Conscience and How Valuable It Is


There are a number of environmental issues in the present people show concerned about. These issues are considered to be a global phenomenon that not only affects a specific region of the country but the entire world as a whole. For that matter, many find it important to spread as much awareness in helping save the planet. Let us look at Rose Byrne’s environmental credentials & the many things she has done to raise awareness about things like global warming.

Rose Byrne’s Green Conscience and How Valuable It Is

Australia has its fair share of problems with regards to environmental concerns. One of them is with regards to climate change and global warming. In fact, despite global efforts to curb global warming and climate change, Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are rising. The country has already spent 20 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions allowance for year 2050. This is indeed a cause for concern as this will only get worse if no action or resolution is made to change it. it is good hear to that a number of celebrities have taken action supporting the cause in their own little way.

The Australian film actress Mary Rose Byrne has shown her support to the community in a number of occasions. For instance, Rebel Wilson and Rose Byrne each gave $45,000 for Aussie Scholarships with the Australian Theatre for Young People. Byrne’s scholarship will support an emerging female leader in the arts as a director, writer, actor or producer. Last year, Rose Byrne launched an all-female film production company. Byrne along with her company is working to make Hollywood a better place for women.

Mrs. Byrne with her busy and hectic schedule spends quality time with her family. New mother Rose Byrne goes make-up free for leisurely stroll with baby Rocco and Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter in New York. Going for a make-up free look, she finished off her style with a pair of skinny jeans, suede boots and a cosy, navy blue beanie hat. It should be noted that some cosmetics can negatively impact the environment and Mrs. Byrne’s decision to go make-up free contribute greatly in helping reduce such impacts.

Aside from that, Mrs. Byrne oftentimes show her support to the environment with the clothes that she is wearing. Earlier this year, Mrs. Byrne stole the spotlight in an elegant floral gown as she scoops Best Comedy Actress at the Glamour Awards. Covered in a chic floral print, the dress featured a high neckline and intricate pleated detail across the chest, whilst a peplum waist added another dimension to the fashion-forward dress. Allowing her dress to be the centre of attention she opted to wear no jewellery on the night, but painted her nails in a rich purple to tie in the colourful elements of her ensemble.

It should be noted that celebrities are not the only ones who can show their support to the environment. Just about anyone can show their support by spreading the much needed awareness information about the environment. Joining online communities such as ACM Group also goes a long way in keeping yourself up to date with the latest news that is happening around the globe. Find a support group near you that you can join today and take direct part in helping preserve our environment for our future generations.

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