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‘Damages’ Season Four Screencaps Part 3

By in August 10, 2012 • Filed in: Damages, Gallery, Screen Captures

Screen captures from ‘Damages’ episodes 406 – 410 have now been added to the Gallery, and with that, season four’s screen captures albums are complete. Once again, thanks to Cariel for capping the episodes! (I will begin adding screencaps from season five in a few days.)

Damages Season 4 (2011) > 06. Add That Little Hopper To Your Stew
Damages Season 4 (2011) > 07. I’m Worried About My Dog
Damages Season 4 (2011) > 08. The War Will Go On Forever
Damages Season 4 (2011) > 09. There’s A Whole Slew Of Ladies With Bad…
Damages Season 4 (2011) > 10. Failure Is Lonely

‘Get Him To The Greek’ DVD Film Catures

By in April 17, 2012 • Filed in: News

Over 200 screen captures from Rose’s role as Jackie Q in the 2010 film ‘Get Him To The Greek’ have been added to the Gallery. (Clips from the movie will be added to the Media Archive soon.)

Feature Films > Get Him to the Greek (2010) > DVD Film Captures

‘Bridesmaids’ DVD Film Captures

By in October 5, 2011 • Filed in: News

I have added over 300 film captures from Rose’s role as Helen in ‘Bridesmaids’ to the Gallery. With its strong box office numbers and DVD sales, I hope everyone has had the chance to see this movie. It truly is one of my favorite films Rose has ever been in:

Feature Films > Bridesmaids (2011) > DVD Film Captures

‘X-Men: First Class’ Blu-Ray Screen Captures

By in September 28, 2011 • Filed in: News

I have added over 370 high-resolution Blu-Ray screen captures from Rose’s role as Moira MacTaggert in ‘X-Men: First Class’ to the Gallery. (Be aware that the screen caps will reveal spoilers to anyone who hasn’t seen the movie.) Enjoy!

Feature Films > X-Men: First Class (2011) > Blu-Ray Film Captures

Happy Birthday, Rose!

By in July 24, 2011 • Filed in: News

I’d like to wish our beloved Rose Byrne a very Happy Birthday! I hope she enjoys her day, and I wish her continued happiness and success in her life and career.

To celebrate this great day, I have added HEAPS of videos to the Media Archive, which now has a new look! Head over to the archive to check out the new layout and all the latest additions:

I have also added screen captures of a few of the videos to the Gallery. I will add captures of the rest of the videos very soon:

Home > Interviews > Jimmy Kimmel Live – 3 June 2010
Home > Interviews > The 7PM Project – 15 June 2011
Home > Interviews > The Morning Show – 20 June 2011
Home > Interviews > Tonight Show with Jay Leno – 13 July 2011

Huge thanks to Sam, Sarah, Sunny, Kevin, Daniele, and Olivia for making this update possible!

Happy Birthday, Rose!!!

Rose on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’

By in July 5, 2011 • Filed in: News

Rose will be a guest on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ today (July 5th.) Sorry for the incredibly short notice! If I come across the interview online, I’ll definitely be sure to update this post with the video.


In case anyone out there missed the show, here’s the full interview from Rose’s appearance on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ from July 5th:

I have added the video to the Media Archive, and I’ve made screencaps of the interview and added them to the Gallery.

Home > Interviews > TV > Live with Regis and Kelly

Home > Interviews > Live with Regis and Kelly July 2011

***Thanks for the link to the video, Priscilla***