Too Much Free Time: Stars with Gambling Problems


Numerous stars from entertainment world to professional sports have too much free time to enjoy the exciting rush of gambling.Some prefer to play in front of the public, while other find online casino to have some fun. Their wealth enables them to gamble anything from poker, casino gambling and sports betting. These stars love to spend their money and some are even considered pros in wagering. While some stars win most of them lose incredible sums of money, career and reputation. The love for gambling can spin out of control and become addiction. Gambling addiction can range from casual player to compulsive gambler.

Here’s our list of stars with gambling problems:
Allen Iverson
This NBA star earned over $200 million dollars in his career but lost everything due to his alcohol and gambling addiction. He is now broke and in debt. Iverson lost his lucrative endorsements and lifetime collaboration with Reebok which was valued at $50 million because of his gambling issues. Moreover his wife divorced him and got full custody of their five children. His horrible gambling problem caused him to be banned from casinos in Detroit and Atlantic City.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods is most famous for golf and other vices like sexual affairs and gambling. He is a regular at the Mansion, a club at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where he has a $1 million betting limit. He is a high roller in casinos and his table is always filled with beautiful party girls. He routinely plays blackjack and bet as much as $25,000 a hand.His gambling problem has become public when he became good friends with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. These two are both high rollers with gambling addiction.

Tobey Maguire
The Spider Man star is a serious poker player. He learned the game from professional player Daniel Degreanu and competed and won in the World Series of poker. He is a very skilled Texas Hold’Em poker player and won $300,000 at secret poker games in Los Angeles and New York. Tobey has an addictive personality. The actor struggled with alcoholism and joined AA when he was 19. His addictive nature makes gambling a serious problem. In 2011, Tobey was sued for participating in multi-million dollar illegal gambling ring.

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has been in the spotlight for alcohol, drug addiction and gambling.He spend large amount of money on poker and sports betting.His gambling addiction became public in 2006 when his ex-wife Denise Richards claimed he was spending $20,000 a week on gambling.He is so addicted to sports betting and free bookmaker bets  that he even called his bookie to place a bet while rushing his wife to the hospital for his daughter’s birth.

Gladys Knight
The Empress of Soul chronicled in her autobiography, “Between Each Line of Pain and Glory: My Life Story” her struggles with gambling. She wrote about her ten year gambling addiction with sports betting and baccarat. She became addicted to baccarat when she lived in Las Vegas and Reno. Knight admitted to losing $40,000 in one table sitting. She turned to Gamblers Anonymous to end her gambling addiction.

Ray Romano
‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ actor plays poker and competes in the World Series of Poker. He drew from real life experiences when he plays Joe Tranelli a middle-age gambling addict in the comedy-drama Men of a Certain Age. His gambling addiction went out of control, he voluntarily enter Gamblers Anonymous to put his bad habit under control. He still continues to gamble but mostly virtual bets when playing golf.

Michael Phelps
The Olympic golden boy won a total of 22 medals and became the most popular Olympians of all time. His competitive nature allowed him to be successful in sports.But aside from collecting medals around the pool, Phelps spends his free time gambling. His preoccupation with poker cost him millions of dollars without even noticing it. Phelps relatives and close friends are worried about his gambling addiction. His gambling problem is extremely damaging his bank balance.

Charles Barkley
NBA star and current TNT NBA sports analyst admitted his personal struggles with gambling. He publicly admitted his gambling problem and even confessed losing more than $10 million dollars from his gambling addiction. He lost $2.5 million in just one night in blackjack also $700,000 betting on Super Bowl. In 2008, a casino sued him for owing $400,000.

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